And we're back!.....Soooooooomm

Hey Everyone,

I've been away from Pillow Fort for a little while now, had to focus a bit on myself and make sure I'm in a good place to work on the game without burning out, and give this whole indie game making thing a proper shot X)

I found a full time job, and that's actually been helpful in getting all the stuff around the game going. I have a lot less time to actually work on the game, so development won't be fast, however I can now actually take the game to cons, events and the like :)

And Good News! We're now officially a sort of company XD

Head on over here for the brand new discord channel of OOMM Interactive! :D

That will be the community hub, so hop on in for news, blogs,  special previews,  and first shots at any new updates. We've also got a website on the way, but that will take a little while, and it'll be a little bare bones as we ramp up and show you what we've got coming up :)

Ok, that's it for now, but stay tuned for this weekend, there'll be a new download up :)

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