Tinker Tuesdays #1

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the first ever Tinker Tuesdays devlog. We're going to be posting one of these every week to keep you more up to date with what is going on with development.

I'm currently working on the Beta 4 update, which will bring the game to feature complete state and then it's just balancing and polish before the game is released. I recently finished wiring up all the upgrade screen code to make all the things work together and have the game keep track of your upgrade progress.

I'll be working on the Creeping next, along with balancing the upgrades. The Creeping is a soft time limit for levels. It'll be a darkness that creeps from right to left and any nightmares in it will be faster and possibly stronger. You will still be able to win if the creeping fills up the map: it's just meant to add a little time pressure.

I'll finish off with a little backstory of who we are. :)

So far the company is just myself and my sister. I recently graduated with a Computer Science degree and I'm hoping to make my way in the world by making games and bringing entertainment to people. My sister is an artist who has graduated in Industrial Design, and she does freelance illustration for children's books. Both my sister and I are gamers, and I still remember the times we'd play Tomb Raider as kids, or would get excited for a new Sims expansion. When I approached her for help with Pillow Fort she was very excited to help. She really liked the idea of the game, and so here we are, a year later, and Pillow Fort is out in the wild. We're both looking forward to what the game will become and all the things that are going to be coming next. :)

Check out the included pictures for how the upgrade screen will look, and tune in next week for more updates and images of the Creeping.

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