Tinker Tuesdays #2

Hey everyone,

Back with another devlog and we've made some nice progress this week. The upgrade screen is now finished, including saving all your upgrade progression so now it's onto balancing the upgrades so they still feel good at each level.

Aside from that the Creeping(pictured above) is coming along nicely. The base artwork is done and I'm working on actually making it enhance nightmares that are inside it. Have to be careful with this here, it could introduce a lot of lag if the nightmare modification is not efficient. Currently is spreads slowly from right to left, and any nightmare that is inside it moves faster and chews harder. Will be adding some more effects inside it to make it look a bit more interesting later on.

That's it for now, other that those two big ticket items there has been a number of little quality of life changes, like the rope ladders looking more readily like they're supposed to. We're on track to release Beta 4 next Tuesday, along with a brand new gameplay trailer! :D

As always, feel free to leave comments and suggestions on our forums.

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