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Night closes around you again: distant noises creep in all around. Hunker down behind your pillow fort, grab whatever you can find, and prepare to outlast another nightmare.

Bundle up....

Pillow Fort is a side-scrolling action/defense game where you are trying to survive against your nightmares. You have your toys, your imaginary friends, and most of all, your pillow fort. Try to defeat the nightmares before they can melt their way through the fabric and feathers of your fort. Time is not on your side.


  • Raygun - fires bouncing bullets
  • Ice Cream Cone - Fires balls of ice cream that slow enemies
  • Bag of Marbles - Fires a marble that rolls forward and grows larger


  • Yego Brick - damages any nightmare stepping on it
  • Paper Plane - any nightmares it flies past, fly upwards for a few moments
  • Smiley Face - nightmares near it stop chasing you and damage other nightmares

Imaginary Friends

  • Budsie - gives you back hope when you hug it
  • Dreamcatcher - acts as a shield, and fixes itself. Pick it up for protection on the go
  • Chesterfield cat - will randomly appear around your fort and fix up damaged pillows


  • Expands with every level
  • Gets new bits like doors, ladders and bookcases

Forty Levels to Beat

Features in-progress:

Full sound effects and ambient music

Upgrade system

Final animations


This game is currently unavailable

Development log


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